The storywriting process for me is like constructing a patchwork of passion. I write the scenes I care about (at God knows what time of the morning) and then, later, I force myself to fill in the blanks.

I’ll normally start off with a basic character interaction. Typically dialogue, because I love writing it! Dialogue is where the characters’ true voices reveal themselves and it’s where I get to know them. Once they’re talking they can do the banter and melodrama; they can say whatever they want to say. Then I go back over it, visualising the scene, and add in the necessary bits of character thought, body language and description in between sections of speech.

I came across a dialogue writing prompt a while back but struggled to find anything in my writing that was pure enough dialogue to answer the prompt. Instead, I figured I’d just give you guys an extract from Jack and Jill, since that contains some of my more developed characters.

“Oh gross!” Jack exclaimed.

He didn’t even seem to notice that he no longer had the gun as he tried to rub off the worst of the vomit with one sleeve.

“You left us for dead,” Jill accused, her voice dangerously quiet.

“But look at you, you’re not! Everybody wins!” Jack said, attention still clearly focused on cleaning himself up.

“WHAT ABOUT MY DAD!?” Jill screamed, ramming the gun into his stomach.

Jack gasped and stumbled back, winded.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t shoot you where you stand!” she snarled.

Jack was bent over in pain, head down and arms wrapped around his torso but, even through his sharp breaths, Jill could hear him laugh.

“Oh come on Jill! How many more times do we have to do this?”

“One! Reason!” Jill barked.

Jack raised his head to look at her. Sick dripped from him onto the ground.

“Cause you’re not like me,” he answered. “Besides, shouldn’t you save the bullets for getting to your car?”

Jill cursed. She could feel the door starting to judder against her back as a fresh set of banging started up behind her. As much as she hated to admit it, Jack was probably right on both accounts.

I never really get the chance to play with dialogue in my blog posts so I figured it’d be nice to switch things up a bit. You were either going to get an extract of this or my Infinity War fanfic. I decided to go with the more original work of fiction.

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